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Technical Management


Our Technical Management process covering the entire aspects of shipping covering a wide range of vessels. Be it a cargo container, or a fuel tanker, a barge or even a bulk carrier, we ensure that every specific requirements are addressed adequately to offer you a smart management solution. Our ship management team is consisting of highly honed human resource with excellent exposure to different types of carrier vessels. We ensure that there is an appropriate proportion of staff so that the entire shipment is conducted in a time-efficient and effective manner. We focus on asset protection and ensure you a safe and highly reliable maritime activity abiding all sorts of International Maritime laws. 

Time management is the most crucial part for our ship management team and we endeavor to set your course right in time so as to avoid any antecedents. We remain highly available round the clock so as to maximize the earning potential.

Technical Managemet in Brine Shipping is a Progressive and Proactive Ship Manager, We have under its management all types of ships (Reefer, Chemical Tankers and Bulk carriers). The Company draws on its pool of experienced Manpower and Resources, which are at its disposal both ashore and afloat. It utilizes proven systems based on internationally recognized Quality Management principles.

Ships are inspected at regular intervals of three months by the technical superintendent to ensure a very close follow-up of shipboard activities. Furthermore, computer based systems are used to monitor vessel performance. Data sent by ships is analyzed ashore to optimize vessels speed and consumption performance.

Moreover, Brine Shipping has the flexibility to meet all owners needs for periodic technical and accounting reports. We are geared to provide you with any information you require - at any time

•      Technical support

•      Operation

•      Maintenance and Repair

•      ISM Compliance / Safety and Quality Assurance

•      Store and Purchase

•      Regular maintenance/ Performance report

•      Specialization and expertise like handling chemical tankers, open hatch bulk carrier and panama bulk carrier, container, car carrier etc.

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Technical Management